SIVA Trust organized a campaign on awareness of Dengue flu in its target village Thirumalapuram on 20th October, 2012.  All the staff of trust played a key role in the campaign.  Mr. Kadalraj lives at Thirumalapuram village had undergone the treatment for Dengue fever and recovered.  So that the awareness on Dengue flu was given to that village people by distributing pamphlets, door by door campaign with the support of Deputy Health Director and Panjayath president.

Dengue fever is one of the very deadly diseases if not treated at the very initial stage.  Actually the disease is being transmitted by mosquitoes which carry a family of viruses. It is basically a critical illness which begins on suddenly basis with severe symptoms on the patient. Dengue can effect and injure anyone but it has largely affected those individuals which have a relative weak immune systems. There are four serotypes of virus and anyone of the serotype is sufficient through which dengue is being caused.  After this the attacked body becomes immune to those specific serotypes for the rest of his life which makes it possible to have dengue fever several times.

Symptoms, which usually begin four to six days after infection and last for up to 10 days, may also include

  • Sudden, high fever
  • Severe headaches
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Severe joint and muscle pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Skin rash, which appears three to four days after the onset of fever
  • Mild bleeding (such a nose bleed, bleeding gums, or easy bruising)

Sometimes symptoms are mild and can be mistaken for those of the flu or another viral infection. Younger children and people who have never had the infection before tend to have milder cases than older children and adults. However, serious problems can develop. These include dengue hemorrhagic fever, a rare complication characterized by high fever, damage to lymph and blood vessels, bleeding from the nose and gums, enlargement of the liver, and failure of the circulatory system. The symptoms may progress to massive bleeding, shock, and death.

The diagnosis of the dengue fever is usually made when the patient unveils the quantifiable symptoms appearing on the entire body.  As it is the virus which causes the dengue fever so there are no prescribed drugs or vaccine for the prevention of the infection.  Infection can cause by the only one bite of the carrying mosquito.  The probability of biting is very high in the early morning as well as at the sunset, although the mosquito can feed any time of the day.  So the most appropriate solution to avoid being bitten by the mosquitoes.  People are advised to use insecticides and don’t let water get gathered in front of any things which carries the water like bottle, plastic cups, grindstone and waste tires etc in the homes.This is because the mosquitoes make their reproduction on the water. So the best possible solution to avoid the dengue fever is to protect our self from the biting of the mosquitoes and with the same time ensure clean and hygienic environment around us.


During the campaign, the insecticides were sprayed everywhere in the village and garbage, waste plastic papers, covers and stagnant water were removed from the areas.