World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day observed on 10th September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides. The working area of SIVA Trust has a history of many cases of suicides especially among the youth, for various reasons. So, within short notice of one day, counseling sessions were arranged for the higher class students at Naduvakurichi, Periyakovilankulam and Vannikonendal schools. Around 350 students were benefited by this motivational training. Three teams from the Trust went to the respective school in order to provide the motivation among students. Following are the details of the programme:-

Govt. Higher Sec. Schoo, Naduvakurichi:
Mr. S. Ananthapadmanaban, Manager cum Counselor and Mr. M. John Kennedy, NFE teacher organized a counseling session for the 9th std students. 39 boys and 47 girls participated. Mr.Anand explained about the services rendered by SIVA Trust and sought the feedback of the students about the cultural programme recently organized in their school by SIVA Trust. Then he informed them that the World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on 10th September every year. Students were asked to tell about the major causes of suicide and they shared their views. Then he explained about the causes of suicide like psychiatric illness – in particular, mood disorders (e.g., depression, frustration), past family history of suicidal tendencies, the death of loved one, loss of an important relationship, loss of employment or self-esteem, unbearable emotional or physical pain, having a history of sexual or physical abuse, parent’s neglect -both emotional and physical etc. Then he pointed out how to overcome the depression, frustration, avoiding loneliness, sharing the feelings to trusted ones, reading moral books etc. Telling a story to stimulate the students he added that
“The ship is always safe in the harbor, but is not built for the purpose”.
Then he quoted the sayings:
“If there is a solution, what is the need for worrying…!
If there is no solution, what is the use of worrying…!
He then made a SWOT analysis for the students. i.e.,
Strength – What do you do well? What do others see as your strength?
Weakness – What could you improve? What are others likely to see as weakness?
Opportunity – What opportunities are open to you? How can you turn your strengths into opportunities?
Threats – What threats could harm you? What is your competitor doing?

At the conclusion of the session all the students took oath that they would not attempt to commit suicide under any circumstances at any cost. Students enjoyed the SWOT analysis training and they expressed their heartfelt thanks to SIVA Trust. Mr. Ananthapadmanaban thanked the school administration and the students on behalf of SIVA Trust.

Govt. High School, Periyakovilankulam
Mr. A. Narayanan, Project Co-ordinator and Mrs. S. Sumathi, Educational Motivator organized a counseling session among the students. 107 boys & 118 girls were benefited by the motivational session. Mr. Chellapandiyan, Teacher spoke about the observance of world suicide prevention day on 10th September. Then Mr. Narayanan shared that the people were addicted to the cine media and cell phone. Due to the failure in exams and any other loss in life depression developed, but through education many things could be changed. Nothing is impossible in the world.
He explained about the causes which induces one to commit suicide, viz.,
1. Mental Depression,
2. Inferiority complex,
3. Fear of defeat,
4. Cowardice,
5. Not understanding the situation,
6. Psychotic depression.
Students have to take a vow that they can do, they can change and they can bring anything afresh. Perseverance can change anything in the world into good. Then the students took pledge that they would never attempt to commit suicide in their life. They would not be afraid of failure and they would work hard to defeat the failure.
Then he told a moral story in order to stimulate their self esteem and perseverance. Students well received the motivational training. At the end of the class, Mr. Narayanan thanked the head master for giving opportunity to provide such useful information among the students.

Govt. Higher secondary School, Vannikonendal:
Mrs. Mahalakshmi, Educational Motivator and Mrs. Anuradha, Health worker organized the motivational training among the students at Govt. high Sec. school, Vannikonendal. Around 20 boys and 19 girls were benefited by the training.
They introduced themselves and explained about SIVA Trust’s activities. Then they informed that the world suicide prevention day was observed around the world in order to prevent the people from committing the suicide. Suicide is committed due to lacking courage or self confidence. Large number of the students in Melaneelithanallur union had committed suicide within the last few years. Committing suicide is not a solution. All should defeat the problems faced by them in order to survive in the world. Mrs. Anuradha advised them, “Hate the situation, not the person”. If we face any critical circumstances by others, we need to analyze the origin of the problem and hate it but we should not blame or hate others. They mentioned the ways to desist from committing suicide. Do not hesitate to talk about suicide. If you think that someone you know is considering suicide, raise the subject. People are often relieved to talk to somebody about it. Recognizing their sorrow helps to simplify the distress of carrying the burden of pain alone. It is important to listen to what somebody has to say without passing judgment on their feelings. Keep in mind that having no opportunity to talk about how badly they feel will only make a person feel more isolated.
After that a moral story was shared to the students. Then the students promised that they will never think of committing suicide even if they face any problems in a critical situation. At the end of the training all the students felt they were benefited a lot and Mrs. Mahalakshmi thanked the head master and the students.